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Hong Kong - Protest

Updated on: 3 September 2019, 1300 (SGT)

Event: Expect second day citywide strike against the extradition bill. This strike is being held bycollectively of 21 private business sectors, including from banking sectors. The striking participant will gather at Chater Garden in Central on 3 September. The police have denied the Salisbury Garden rally permission on public safety grounds, while the Tamar Park event has been approved. On 2 September, the strike was held at two separately locations, Salisbury Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui and Tamar Park. In addition to this, further protest by various groups can be observed island wide.
Assessment: Thousands of school students boycotted the first day of the new term on 2 September to join a rally at Tamar Park and some other protest locatjons. This remained peaceful, though some protesters briefly occupied Lung Wo Road afterwards. Two other large demonstrations occurred at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Edinburgh Place. Several arrests were made throughout the night of 2 September near Mong Kok police station.

Protesters aim to continue disrupting public transport services, including the MTR, until 6 September. Delays in MTR services on the Kwun Tong line and Tsuen Wan line was observed on 2 September as protesters blocked train doors. On 3 September, further protests are tentatively planned at North Point (Island line), Lai King (Tsuen Wan and Tung Chung lines) and Kowloon Tong (East Rail and Kwun Tong lines) stations. Travellers and employees are advised to allow extra time to reach work or meeting venue. Plan alternative travel mode and routes. Discuss with the driver to avoid protest area to avoid delays. Flight cancellations are delay can be expected in HKIA. Reconfirm flight schedules with the respective airline or via the airport’s mobile app before setting out. Travellers are advised to re-confirm the flight departure status and allow extra time to check-in as delay in airport operations can be expected.

Travellers and employees are advised are advised to keep updated on the current situation of the ongoing and planned protest locations. This will allow to avoid these location and planned ahead on the travelling routes. Do not join any gathering or protest, and don’t get closer to such protest. Violent clashes between protestors and riot police officers are imminent. Police are using extreme tactics to arrest and disperse the protestors. This will increase the risk of getting severely injured if travellers and employees caught up in the situation. Always vigilant on surrounding, quickly move from the area if inadvertently caught up in a protest or experiencing increasing of Police Officer. Travellers and employees are advised no to wear “black, white, and blue” shirts, as these colours can be mistaken for identity of anti- extradition and pro- government protestors. SRS GSOC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

India - Celebration

Updated on: 2 September 2019, 1600 (SGT)

Event: From 2-12 September 2019, India will be observing a nationwide religious Hindu festival  celebration, Ganesh Chaturthi. The main celebration events will be held at almost all cities in India, Larger celebration can be expected at Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Assessments: Traffic congestion can be expected in the celebration cities. Travelers should allow additional travel time and plan journeys bypassing related gatherings. The presence and movement of large crowds, along with traffic restrictions, will result in travel disruption throughout the festival, particularly on 12 September during the ritual of immersing idols of the Hindu deity Ganesha in a nearby sea or rivers.

Taking into account the recent increase in apparent terror threats by domestic and regional militant groups, additional security force personnel and security measures can be expected around the festival. In addition, the government frequently issues terror warnings during festival periods. Potential militant targets include public transport hubs, religious sites, busy and unsecured areas such as markets, government and military buildings and personnel, and venues where the Indian social elite and Westerners are known to congregate. However, small-scale attacks targeting government officials and religious figures are more likely than large-scale operations, or attacks that directly target foreigners. Remain alert on surroundings, and report any suspicious behaviour or objects to the authorities. Leave the area if seen large gathering or Law Enforcement gatherings. SRS GSOC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

Singapore- Travel Disruption

Updated on: 2 September 2019, 1600 (SGT)

Event: From 18 to 24 September 2019, the 2019 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix will be held in the central part of Singapore. Expected road closures and travel disruptions during this period. High number of commuter in public transportations can be expected, especially at MRT stations surrounding the F1 entry gates, such as  Nicoll Highway, Dhoby Ghaut, Marina Bay and City Hall.
Assessments: Land Transport Authorities (LTA) have announce that several roads in the Marina Centre and Padang area will be closed on 24 September from 0001hrs (LT). All roads will be fully accessible on 24 September at 0530hrs (LT). The authorities have also extended MRT and bus services during the race on Friday, September 20, through Sunday, September 22. Traffic wardens are expected to deploy in the surrounding areas during the road closures to manage traffic flow. Further details on road closures, parking prohibitions, and pedestrian restrictions can be found HERE
Taiwan- Tropical Storm

Updated on: 3 September 2019, 1300 (SGT)

Event: On 3 September, Tropical Storm LINGLING is located approximately 380km of southeast of southern Taiwan. Currently it is moving on a northerly track and expected to intensify at CAT 1 Typhoon with the next 24hrs. No landfall is forecasted as of now. LINGLING is anticipated to move along eastern Taiwan coastal area while heading towards South Korea. Within the next 96hrs LINGLING is forecasted to make its first landfall in central- west of South Korea as CAT 2 Typhoon. The storm arriving time and track may change depending to the weather situation.
Assessments: Taiwan’s Weather Bureau (CWB) has not issued warning relating to LINGLING. As the storm approaching Taiwan waters, it will bring strong winds and high wave. This will cause the rise of water level in river basin, potential to bring flash flood. Do not attempt to cross flooded roads.  Strong winds can cause damages to power cables and telco towers, disruption are likely. Do not attempt to cross flooded roads to avoid being electrocuted by busted power cables. Road journeys may take longer than usual following heavy rain due to blocked routes and poor driving conditions. Allow additional time for journeys in or through affected areas. Ensure that your vehicle is appropriately equipped for the weather conditions before setting out. Strong winds also likely to disrupt the flight routes surrounding the forecasted track area. Delays in departure and arriving flights can be expected. SRS GSOC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

Thailand- Severe Weather

Updated on: 3 September 2019, 1300 (SGT)

Event: On 3 September, the Thailand Meteorological Agency has issued “Weather Warning” for heavy rain. This warning is in view of the hovering depression KAJIKI over the region. KAJIKI currently located over southern part of Laos. This warning is issued for several eastern part of Thailand; however, Bangkok is included in this warning.

Assessments: Up to 3 meter high of flooding are being observed in 26 provinces in the north-eastern parts of Thailand, with worst hit is Khon Kaen. The warning anticipate heavy rain and flash flood in the forecasted affected area. Along this, strong wind are also expected from the western part of Thailand due to ongoing monsoon over the Andaman Sea. SRS GSOC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

Vietnam- Pollution

Updated on: 2 September, 1600 (SGT)

Event: On 29 August 2019, a fire was reported in a light bulb warehouse in Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, approx. 4km away from Hanoi City. Reports suggest that the area could have been open to mercury risk.
Assessments: Due to the incident, the authorities warned that foods sold within a one-kilometre radius of the fire incident area in Hanoi face a contamination threat and dust and other contaminants from the fire have already affected the health of people in the ward. Light bulbs contain glass, plastic and mercury, and when burned the plastic, mercury and fluorescent powders may be broken down and released into the air, causing symptoms like headache and chest pain if inhaled.

Travellers and employee with symptoms like coughing, chest pain or sudden fever must consulted with doctor for clearer clarification. Do not eat or buy foods within the radius 1-2km from the incident location. Even fruits and vegetables grown in the area are very high chances being contaminated. Avoid travelling the area if unnecessary. If any unavoidable traveller, wear a facial mask to prevent possible air pollution and maintain a high hygiene measures. SRS GSOC will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.