In-house Workshops

For your professional development

Foundations Of Security & Risk Management

1. Finding Balance Between Security & Freedom

2. Foundations of Risk Management

3. Reasons for Failure in Risk Management

4. Security in Depth Methodology

5. Three Golden Rules in Risk Management

6. The Five Risk Strategies

7. Hierarchy Incident & Response Procedure

Strategies in Risk & Crisis Management

1. What it takes to be a 21st Security & Risk Manager

2. The Use of Social Media in Crisis management

3. Business Continuity

4. Organisation Risk & Crisis Management

Fundamental of Security Operations Center

1. Type of Incidents

2. Incident Triggering Criteria

3. Procedure To Assess Impact (R.A.V.E Process)

4. Steps & guidelines to write Situational Reports (SITREP)

5. Using Microsoft Tools to Create Incident Maps

6. Techniques for Open Source Intel Gathering

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