Security Operation Centre

Security Operation Centre

The SRS Global Security Operation Centre (SRS GSOC) serves as the centralised information hub of our security operations, such as Security Operations, Executive Protection and Travel Security Management. SRS GSOC not only monitors local and international intel sources but also analyses potential security threat, which involves natural disasters, manmade disasters, political crisis and government related disorders.It monitors global incidents 24/7, especially in countries with high propensity to disrupt or impact our clients’ safety, their employees and businesses.

Our SRS GSOC is commanded by the SRS Command Centre Executives who are well-trained and experienced with handling potential threats and critical tasks. They analyse both current and past news and information, to forecast anticipated dangers and threats. The SRS security managers are then notified and will take measures to protect the interests of our clients when necessary.

Our GSOC has the ability of track incidents beginning from a “low-level” threat to “moderate-high level” threat. Once the incidents escalate to become a “moderate-high level” threat, they will be flagged to the SRS Command Centre Executives, who will then activate crisis communication to notify the stakeholders and direct our crisis response team accordingly.

The SRS GSOC Command Centre Executives also issue periodic reports of ongoing incidents to keep our clients and travellers abreast of current affairs. Examples include sending travel advisories to affected clients who are travelling at countries with dangers so that they are mentally-prepared in the event of a threat or emergency.