Industrial Strike Security

Industrial Strike Security Management And Services

Industrial Strike Management and Strike Security Services belong to another vertical of SRS. SRS provides fully trained personnels to carry out such duties. These personnel are our Security Guards, Bodyguards and Executive Protection Officers.

SRS cooperates with our clients to device contingency plans in the event of unruly accidents. Wherever required, a reference to the local laws and legal counsel will be made.

  1. Pre-Strike Survey- Identify associated risk and security deficiencies within the planned area to prevent sabotage in procedures and minimise vulnerabilities.
  2. Contingency Planning- Review all current contingency planning by identifying small oversights.
  3. Legal- Prepare contingency plan within the boundaries of local law.
  4. Strike Security Implementation- SRS trained strike security officers are ready for deployment on your command, in order to ensure continued operations and the safety of the employees and the facility. Therefore, if the security officers are not on the site, they should be positioned as close to the facility as possible.

Concerning a demonstration other than a labour issue, a citizen has the right to peaceful assembly in several countries. Generally, picketing is protected when it is for a lawful purpose, conducted in an orderly manner, and publicizes a grievance of some kind. However, unruly situation can be expected during such events. SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers will be deployed to deter such incidents. SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers will step as where required such when the employees violate local law, causing disruption of any of the functions or objectives of the business. Blocking anyone, including other employees or any vehicle from entering or leaving the business property, physically or by threatening behaviour. SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers are trained and experienced in assessing and superintend the situation. SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers will act in lawfully to means control and disperse in case the situation escalated. SRS has the strength and ability to work with the local enforcement agencies if the situation is assessed to be deteriorating. Please see Security Guards, Body Guards and Executive Protection Officers services for more details.