Emergency Extraction

Professional Emergency Withdrawal

SRS performs numerous rescue and extraction services for personnel trapped in high-risk circumstances, such as hostage situations or emergency extraction for individuals detained at customs while travelling, due to problems with documentation procedures or law policies.

The SRS rescue operations involve our highly-skilled Executive Protection Officer, Personal Bodyguard and secured vehicle, to ensure smooth extraction and protection till the involved victim safely embarks the plane. Special arrangements can also be made for our SRS Executive Protection Officer to accompany the victimto their point of destination, which is usually their homeland.

We are able to plan and execute successful rescue operations due to the expertise offered by our Executive Protection Officers. Our Executive Protection Officers comprise of former Police Security Command personnel, as well as foreign operatives who have served in Special Forces or special military operations, counter-terrorism and law enforcement units in various countries.

The SRS Executive Protection Officers are well-aware of the associated risks and hazards pertaining rescue operations. They are also knowledgeable about hotspots which have higher security and safety-related threats. Should the need arise, our SRS Executive Protection Officer will coordinate with the relevant law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties.