Niche Services

Quality & Reliable Niche Services

SRS is well-experienced in providing niche services which may be complex in nature and may span across multiple countries.

Emergency Extraction

SRS performs rescue and extraction services for personnel trapped in high-risk circumstances, such as hostage situations. We also perform emergency extraction for individuals detained at customs while travelling, due to documentation problems or law policies.

The SRS emergency extraction operations involve our highly-skilled Executive Protection Officer, Personal Bodyguard and secured vehicle, to ensure smooth extraction and protection till the involved victim safely embarks the plane. Special arrangements can also be made for our SRS Executive Protection Officer to accompany the victim to their point of destination, which is usually their homeland.

SRS is able to plan and execute successful rescue operations due to the expertise offered by our Executive Protection Officers. Our Executive Protection Officers comprise of former Police Security Command personnel, as well as foreign operatives who have served in Special Forces or special military operations, counter-terrorism and law enforcement units in various countries.

The SRS Executive Protection Officers are well-aware of the associated risks and hazards pertaining to rescue operations. They are also knowledgeable about hotspots which have higher security and safety-related threats. Should the need arise, our SRS Executive Protection Officer will coordinate with the relevant law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties.

Industrial Strike Management

The Industrial Strike Management & Security Services belongs to another vertical of SRS. SRS provides fully trained personnel who may be Security Guards, Bodyguards and Executive Protection Officers to carry out such duties.

SRS cooperates with our clients to device contingency plans in the event of unruly accidents in their operating venues. Specific areas of our services include: 

  1. Pre-Strike Survey – Identify associated risk and security deficiencies within the planned area to prevent sabotage in procedures and minimise vulnerabilities.
  2. Contingency Planning – Review all current contingency planning by identifying small oversights.
  3. Legal – Prepare contingency plan within the boundaries of the local law.
  4. Strike Security Implementation – SRS-trained strike security officers are always ready for deployment on clients’ command, in order to ensure continuous protection of the employees and the facility.

Concerning a demonstration other than a labour issue, a citizen has the right to peaceful assembly in several countries. Generally, picketing is protected when it is for a lawful purpose, conducted in an orderly manner, and publicizes a grievance of some kind. However, unruly situations can be expected during such events.

SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers will be deployed to deter such incidents. SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers will step as where required such when the employees violate local law, causing disruption of any of the functions or objectives of the business. Blocking anyone, including other employees or any vehicle from entering or leaving the business property, physically or by threatening behaviour.

SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers are trained and experienced in assessing and superintend the situation. SRS Security Guards and Executive Protection Officers will act in lawfully to means control and disperse in case the situation escalated. SRS has the strength and ability to work with the local enforcement agencies if the situation is assessed to be deteriorating. Please see Security Guards, Body Guards and Executive Protection Officers services for more details.  

Security Operation Centre

The SRS Global Security Operation Centre (GSOC) serves as a centralised information hub for our security operations, such as Security Operations, Executive Protection and Travel Security Management.

The SRS GSOC does not only monitor local and international intel sources. We also analyse potential security threat, which involves natural disasters, manmade disasters, political crisis and government-related disorders. It monitors global incidents 24/7, especially in countries with a high propensity to disrupt or impact our clients’ safety, their employees and businesses.

Our SRS GSOC is commanded by the SRS Command Centre Executives who are well-trained and experienced with handling potential threats and critical tasks. They analyse both current and past news and information, to forecast anticipated dangers and threats. The SRS security managers are then notified, and will take measures to protect the interests of our clients when necessary.

Our GSOC has the ability of track incidents beginning from a “low-level” threat to “moderate-high level” threat. Once the incidents escalate to become a “moderate-high level” threat, they will be flagged to the SRS Command Centre Executives, who will then activate crisis communication to notify the stakeholders and direct our crisis response team accordingly.

The SRS GSOC Command Centre Executives also issue periodic reports of ongoing incidents to keep our clients and travellers abreast of current affairs. Examples include sending travel advisories to affected clients who are travelling at countries with dangers, so that they are mentally-prepared in the event of a threat or emergency.