Fraud Prevention & Investigation

Investigation And Fraud Prevention

In today’s world, it is critical for companies to have a robust anti-money laundering (AML) policy as well as a clear financial policies and structured processes in place. The majority of fraud cases are related to financials and they are often a result of weak company policies, unstructured processes and/or the lack of compliance. Fraud may also be a result of the lack of an annual financial audit.

Here at SRS, we have a team fraud investigators who are skillful in identifying and exposing existing fraud activities in companies, and they often assist to prevent future fraud occurrences. We understand that prevention is better than cure, hence we will not only identify and document suspicious activities, but we will follow the evidences to track the cash flow from point to point.

Some frequently used prevention methods include clear documentation of evidence, segregation of evidence for communication and counter-implementations, ad hoc audits and regular reviews of internal processes. Our job does not end at exposing fraud activities, but also doing the necessary to prevent future occurrences.