Due Diligence/Market Entry

Total Diligence and Market Entries

The SRS Due Diligence Services assist corporations by providing accurate and timely information as well as analysis on competitors or individuals around the world.

SRS supplies in-depth and clear intelligence which are fully compliant with rules and regulations. These information are used by corporations to anticipate, mitigate and manage risks, which extends beyond the basic compilation of public data and solutions provided by other companies.

Areas of Due Diligence include but are not limited to:

  • Market Entry Risk Analysis ¬†
  • Vendor / Supplier Selection
  • Agents / Broker Selection
  • Clients
  • Credit Standing
  • Civil Litigation
  • Ownership interests / Board of Directors
  • Licensing & Certification
  • Politically exposed People

Our global due diligence services are managed by an experienced team who assist and guide clients through the complex investigation process to ensure that all requirements are understood and met. Having global operations entails working directly in different countries, to understand the local laws, processes and paperwork which are often critical to building a clear, comprehensive and actionable analysis or profile for our clients.