Anti-Illicit Trade & Brand/IP Protection

Professional Anti-Illicit Trade & Brand/IP Protection

Anti-illicit trade and Brand Protection is one of SRS’ core expertise. To support multinational companies in eradicating counterfeit activities, SRS has a network of operatives placed strategically across countries, to collect intelligence and propose effective solutions. Some of our clients include renowned brands in the big tobacco and liquor industries.

Here in SRS, we understand the need for companies to address and reduce both illicit trade and brand protection. Hence, our team of experienced consultants will work with each client to formulate, develop and implement strategies. These consultants are fully certified by the FCPA and the UK bribery act. They work together with our in-house lawyers and the client’s general counsel to ensure that all investigative strategies are thorough yet in compliance with international investigative rules and regulations.

Counterfeiting is a growing threat globally and poses as huge challenge across all industries. SRS understands  the critical importance of brand protection and the damage of counterfeiting on a company’s business results. It is our top priority to work together with law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and the private sector to phase out triumph over such illegal activities.