A Range of Investigations Services

The SRS investigation team has decades of experience in conducting numerous types of investigations across Asia and the Middle East. Our expert investigators consist of professionals who are adept law enforcement officers as well as intelligence operators with extensive experience in the private sector.

SRS provides companies with professional investigation services and proposes individualised, bespoke strategies to meet the needs of each client. These strategies are comprehensive and professionally suggested after SRS has a thorough understanding of our clients’ concerns and requirements. We often go the extra mile to identify and analyse all suspicions for our clients, before providing them with detailed recommendations to conclude the investigation.

In addition, our investigations team can provide both basic and specialised investigation training, if required. Our head trainer is a Quantico certified Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) trainer who has delivered tailored courses for law enforcement agencies, private sector professionals or corporations.

Some internal and external investigation services provided by us include:

  • Anti-Illicit Trade (AIT)
  • Brand & IP Protection
  • Due diligence & market entry
  • Fraud investigations

Anti-Illicit Trade & Brand/IP Protection

Anti-illicit trade and Brand Protection is one of SRS’ core expertise. To support multinational companies in eradicating counterfeit activities, SRS has a network of operatives placed strategically across countries, to collect intelligence and propose effective solutions. Some of our clients include renowned brands in the big tobacco and liquor industries.

SRS understands the need for companies to reduce illicit trade and enforce brand protection. We have a team of experienced consultants to work closely with each client to formulate, develop and implement relevant strategies.

These consultants are fully certified by the FCPA and the UK bribery act. They work together with our in-house lawyers and the client’s general counsel to ensure that all investigative strategies are thorough yet in compliance with international investigative rules and regulations.

Counterfeiting is a growing threat globally and poses a huge challenge across all industries. There is critical importance in enforcing brand protection and reducing the damage of counterfeiting on a company’s business results. It is our top priority to work together with law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and the private sector to phase out and triumph over such illegal activities.

Total Diligence and Market Entries

The SRS Due Diligence Services assist corporations by providing accurate and timely information as well as analysis on competitors or individuals around the world.

SRS supplies in-depth and clear intelligence which are fully compliant with rules and regulations. This information is used by corporations to anticipate, mitigate and manage risks, which extends beyond the basic compilation of public data and solutions provided by other companies.

Areas of Due Diligence include but are not limited to:

  • Market Entry Risk Analysis  
  • Vendor / Supplier Selection
  • Agents / Broker Selection
  • Clients
  • Credit Standing
  • Civil Litigation
  • Ownership interests / Board of Directors
  • Licensing & Certification
  • Politically exposed People

Our global due diligence services are managed by an experienced team who assist and guide clients through the complex investigation process to ensure that all requirements are understood and met. Having global operations entails working directly in different countries, to understand the local laws, processes and paperwork which are often critical to building a clear, comprehensive and actionable analysis or profile for our clients.

Investigation And Fraud Prevention

With the majority of fraud cases related to weak company policies, unstructured processes, or the lack of compliance, it is critical for companies to have a robust anti-money laundering (AML) policy as well as clear financial policies and structured processes in place. SRS is your trusted partner in this.

Here at SRS, we have a team of fraud investigators who are skilful in identifying and exposing existing fraud activities in companies. They also assist to prevent future fraud occurrences. We understand that prevention is better than cure, hence SRS does not only identify and document suspicious activities but will follow the shreds of evidence to track the cash flow from point to point.

Some frequently used prevention methods include clear documentation of evidence, segregation of evidence for communication and counter-implementations, ad hoc audits and regular reviews of internal processes. Our job does not end at exposing fraud activities, but also doing the necessary to prevent future occurrences for clients.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is the process of bug-sweeping or electronic counter-surveillance, to professionally evaluate a facility’s security position. It involves visual, electronic, and physical examinations on the surveyed facility.

Our TSCM services are conducted by qualified personnel to detect the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards, as well as to identify technical security weaknesses during a technical penetration of the surveyed facility. These foreign devices if left undiscovered, may leak private and confidential information to third parties with ill-intentions.

SRS has strong expertise and global resources to provide TSCM at venues where important meeting and information exchange are held. Using the latest technologies, our surveillance team will thoroughly survey and scan venues to detect foreign electronic surveillance devices.


SRS investigates the presence of electronic ‘bugs’ for occasions such as:

  • Examination of a new office or facility prior to a company’s relocation
  • Advanced surveillance of venues for board meetings
  • Corporate events held at public convention areas


Clients have the liberty to deploy our Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services in:

  • A single office or an entire building
  • At one site or multiple locations
  • Throughout the region and abroad (where jurisdiction permits)

Professional Investigation Training

Our head of the SRS training team is a Quantico certified Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) trainer with more than 15 years of experience in Investigation & Training, including 13 years with the DEA in Asia.

Our courses are practical and targeted to equip participants with the knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately. Case studies, interactive scenarios and customised role-playing are activities to reinforce the course principles and provide participants with opportunities to gain greater insights and receive feedback on the course principles. Our constructive and controlled learning environment are meant to well-equip participants in the shortest possible time.  

SRS offers:

  • Basic investigation training.
  • Specialized investigation training.
  • Anti-Illicit Trade Training (for both private sector and border protection agencies)
  • Brand Protection Training
  • Team Building activities