Facial Imaging & Recognition System Technology


The entertainment industry is set to be revolutionised by SRS' Facial Imaging & Recognition System Technology (FIRST). FIRST is a ready-to-deploy solution using facial recognition technology which dramatically shortens the time-to-market for complex video surveillance and people counting solutions.

Security staff and bouncers have to maintain the safety of individuals in entertainment venues such as the clubs or bars. They should also be friendly, professional and calm while carrying out their duties. However, this can be challenging because the multiple tasks and responsibilities of handling crowds under the influence of alcoholic beverages, may take a violent turn sometimes.

Some of these tasks include monitoring all entrances and exits, watching the crowd for altercations, quickly quelling disputes, controlling who enters the premises as well as monitoring all areas under their property care. They also check for individuals on the blacklist by checking I.D.s and, if needed, reject unruly patrons from the venue. These are part of the security task that will contribute to the overall costs of running an entertainment business.

Equipped with the latest technology, FIRST is able to improve the efficiency and productivity of the security roles in entertainment venues.

Integrate FIRST into your security systems and gain these 3 key benefits:

Effective People Counting

Controlling the flow of foot traffic into a bar or club is essential to ensure that the entertainment venue does not exceed maximum capacity. Bar and Clubs owners have to ensure that their clubs provide fun and entertainment while upholding the laws and regulations regarding the number of people they can serve.

Real-Time Identification of Blacklist

The system tracks persons of interest on a blacklist according to present criteria and can quickly identify known faces from a watchlist and send automated alerts. It is ideal as a passive prevention strategy to identify blacklisted customers and other undesirables so that they can be barred or prohibited from entry at the entrance.

Smart Analysis for Incident Reporting

Facial Imaging through videos can be quickly analysed and individuals may be sorted according to the image attributes of facial looks, age, gender, clothing and even direction of movement. This allows quick and easy surveillance and post-incident identification of a specific person.

FIRST enables the security team to manage safety, risk and security on the ground and respond to urgent issues. All information is tracked and sent back to the SRS centralised command centre, which ensures that each venue is well-monitored. FIRST is quick and easy to install and integrate. It can help you save hundreds of man-hours and dramatically shorten your return on investments. Join us and be ready to revolutionise the security and safety needs of the entertainment industry.

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