Executive Protection

Executive Protection Services

SRS' executive protection or 'close protection' services deploy protection officers who are highly trained to ensure the personal safety of our clients.

The SRS Executive Protection Services are often performed by former Police Security Command personnel and foreign operatives who have served in Special Forces such as the military, counter-terrorism units and law enforcement in their home countries. They protect clients who may be VIPs, celebrities, executives and high-net-worth individuals, who are often prone to personal risks due to their status, wealth, circumstances or physical location.

Having strategic alliances and partners with leading security agencies around the world, SRS delivers reliable private and corporate security services anywhere around the Asia Pacific. Given the diverse range of security services, technologies and professionals, SRS has an impeccable security track record and runs at the frontline of the security industry.

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Executive Private Protection

The SRS Executive Protection service provides travel security management for private travellers, corporate employees, celebrities, athletes, high-net-worth individuals and foreign diplomats. SRS has more than 12 years of experience in providing this service.

We provide Executive Protection Services for clients who are concerned with their security in Singapore or when travelling to other parts of the world. In conjunction with our strategic partners internationally, we will deploy suitable Executive Protection Officers (EPOs) according to each client’s requirements.

Our Executive Protection Officers are often former Police Security operatives who have served in Special Forces such as the military, counter-terrorism law enforcement units. They have experience in escorting and protecting VIPs such as the Heads of States and celebrities.

Our Executive Protection Officers are also bilingual and proficient with the customs, laws and regulations pertaining to our clients’ countries of travel. Regardless of single or multiple travellers, they are trusted and proficient to meet and deliver protection for their safe travels. Furthermore, our SRS Executive Private Protection Officers are aware of the hotspots for risks and hazards, hence they will liaise and customise a secured travel plan on a daily basis with clients.

Executive Security Drivers

SRS also provides highly trained Executive Security Drivers to protect the safety of private travellers, corporate employees, well-known celebrities, athletes, high-net-worth individuals and foreign diplomats.

Executive Private Protection

Our Executive Security Drivers serve the transport needs of multinational companies and their employees, well-known celebrities, athletes, high-net-worth individuals and foreign diplomats. They are familiar with the travelling laws customs and has the versatility to meet a range of travel security requirements such as single or multiple pick-ups and drop-offs of clients, wherever they may be.

Prior to the date of deployment, the drivers will first perform security advances on all places of visitation, which includes routes to be travelled, airports, businesses, residences, and hotels to name a few.

Our SRS Security Operation Centre (SRS GSOC) will also review vital and relevant information in real time, including GPS tracking and monitoring. In the event of emergency incidents, the SRS GSOC will coordinate with other safety services such as the police, fire department and hospitals.