Keeping Check on Cybersecurity

The evolution of technology has created vast business opportunities and greatly improved our quality of life. However, there are always two sides to every coin – with the advent of technology, vast amounts of data need to be protected. Data is morphing into the new gold.

At SRS Cybernetics, our team of technical experts are able to assist our clients to assess, analyse, mitigate and manage risks under the following services:

Data Destruction for companies that require secured disposal of confidential or classified data

Data Governance implementation or review of company policies and processes for compliance to PDPA, GDPR and Cybersecurity Law

IT Audit on companies for compliance to various global standards such as ISO27001 and NIST

Security Operations Centre (SOC) support and solutions for companies with SOC

Technology Advisory for entrepreneurs and corporations looking to automate or leverage on technology to improve their businesses and governance

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) on companies’ IT infrastructure to identify gaps for improvement or hardening

Cybersecurity / Data Governance Training that can be customised and deliver via classroom or e-modules

Product & Solutions ranging from Cybersecurity, Forensics to IT solutions catered to business needs. Kindly scroll below to learn more about the range of products which we resell.


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Product Solutions

Our Forensics Solutions

IBM i2

Forensics Reviewing Application


Cybersecurity Assessment and Forensics Investigations

Media Clone

Forensics Imaging Tool


Content Reviewing Application

Product Solutions

Our Cybersecurity Tools


IBM Guardium

Cybersecurity and Data Governance Application

IBM QRadar

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

IBM Secured Payment

Monitoring tool to identify transactions abnormalities

Rapid 7

Vulnerability Detection and Monitoring Application

Menlo Security

Webpage & Phishing email protection


Cybersecurity applications for servers and endpoints

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