Corporate Risk Advisory

Corporate Risk Advisory

In the current climate of globalisation and digitalisation, corporations and businesses are facing challenges in preserving their hard-earned money and assets against risks such as breach of partnership, violation of regulation, fraud, data theft, misrepresentation and corporate espionage.

SRS Advisory has the expertise and knowledge to provide a range of customised services globally:

  • Brand Protection against grey/counterfeit marketing
  • Business Continuity & Sustainability Planning for corporations that require contingency and regional expansion plans
  • Compliance Investigation for corporate fraud, misconduct and/or corruption committed by employees and business partners
  • Digital Forensics on employees’ devices to recover or discover business data
  • Due Diligence on an individual and/or entity for pre-employment screening or business intelligence
  • Forensics Accounting on the financial status and valuation of an individual and/or entity
  • Partner Management Audit on business partners for compliance with contractual obligations
  • Regulatory Compliance to ensure businesses are fully compliant with the relevant local and international laws (e.g PDPA, GDPR, FCPA, UKBA, EAR, SOX etc.)
  • Surveillance using PI and technology on individual and/or entity
  • Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA) on client’s premises for security risk
  • Corporate Risk Training that can be customised and deliver via classroom or e-modules
  • Litigation Support to legal counsels and practitioners

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