The recent increase in individuals displaying unlawful public behaviour has posed a threat to the safety of the general public. Law enforcement personnel such as the Security Officers have to stay vigilant on the job and watch out for suspects who may intend to harm public interests or commit public harassments.


Various measures have been put in place to ensure that Security Officers are not negligent while carrying out their duties. One of which is the amendments to the Private Security Industry (Conduct) Regulations. Since 1 January 2019, Security Officers who display errant behaviours may face a fine of up to $2,000, a jail sentence not exceeding three months or both.


We understand the new statute has been implemented to ensure Security Officers are performing their duties properly. In order to increase the professionalism of our Security Officers and to prevent them from violating the statute, we have in place certain monitoring measures. Examples include:

  1. Security Officers to send regular e-memo and report on the status of their assigned security site, to the supervisors
  2. Increase the frequency of spot checks on Security Officers
  3. Grid mobile communication (similar to walkie-talkie)
  4. Investigating feedbacks and complaints provided by the public


At the same time, we hope to remind the public to be discerning before they lodge a complaint about any Security Officer. There have been past misunderstandings where off-duty Security Officers, who were resting during their break time, were falsely reported to be lazing around. Such allegations may have caused some of these innocent Security Officers to have their jobs suspended during investigations. Henceforth, it is important that the reports made are fair and objective so as to prevent untrue complaints about the conduct of Security Officers.


It is also important for the public to note that the amendments made to the statute do not imply that the existing performance of the Security Industry in Singapore is sub-par. Instead, the amendment aims to further improve the professionalism of Security Officers, thereby increasing the quality of Security services.


Alongside the revised statute, some have suggested for measures such as the Protection from Harassment Act (Poha) to be reviewed to provide better protection for private Security Officers. We agree that such measures can provide Security Officers with greater peace of mind. What do you think?