Manned Guarding Solutions

Our manned guarding services protect your premise from trespasses and other unauthorised activity or access, thereby preventing disorder, damage, theft and protecting individuals against possible assault or injury.

SRS performs personalised security planning and deploys Security Guards according to the manned guarding requirements of each client, thereby ensuring a high level of security protection for our clients’ assets and their employees. Our Security Guards are familiar with security technologies such as Access Security Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Security Surveillance Systems and Biometric Guard Tour Patrol System.

For more exquisite assets or greater emphasis on employee protection, SRS has the versatility to provide Security Guards who are further certified in the recognition of terrorist threats, counter-terrorism, security screening (X-ray machine, bag search & hand-held metal detector), emergency and crisis response.

The SRS Security Operation Managers will first perform Risk Assessment then analyse the potential security risks of our client’s site such as technology and system security lapses, before proposing a total security solution to mitigate them. 

There is a dedicated 24/7 Command Centre (SRSCC) which monitors all security duty posts. The SRSCC maintains continuous communication between the Security Guards at your site and the SRS Managers who will instantly respond to any security crisis.

All SRS Security Guards have undergone a stringent criminal background check and detailed interview before they are hired. They are further trained and certified in security, by a leading security training and development institute. Last but not least, they experience on-the-job training conducted by the SRS Operations Executives or Operations Managers at various security deployment sites, to enhance their competency and performance.

Our relief Security Guards are also required to go through the same protocols, in order to ensure their reliability and efficiency during relief duties. The SRS Management often conducts compliance and security audits to monitor the performance of our Security Guards and to ensure that they are always vigilant.

Last but not least, all SRS Security Guards are mandated to attend an ‘In-House Refresher Training Programme’ every quarter, conducted by our Operation Executives or Operation Managers. Our clients can be well-assured that our Security Guards are always competent to meet their security protection requirements.  Our SRS Security Operation Managers also work closely with clients to evaluate their performance and ensure that any unforeseen circumstances are swiftly identified, lodged and rectified.