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Security Services to improve under New Regulations

As we realign and prepare our Security Officers for the newly amended Private Security Industry (Conduct) Regulations, our management team shares how the statute is bringing positive change to the industry, possibly with the help of the public.

5 Steps to a Security Provider You Can Trust

A simple search for ‘Security agency’ on the internet and you are likely to be bombarded with many security agency URLs. Is it a good idea to select your security agency based on the highest-ranking search result or should you take time to fish around?

At the frontline of the Singapore F1 Race

This September, watch how Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd will be working with other security partners to ensure the safety of participants at the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix 2018.

SRS awarded for Workplace Safety & more

On 26 July 2018, Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd was awarded the ‘Workplace Safety’ and ‘People’s Development’ awards presented by Brands for Good, for our continuous efforts in sustainable business practices, as well as making positive impacts on our employees.

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