An arts fiesta for everyone, the True Colours Festival 2018 kicked off at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and OCBC Square on the 22nd and ended on a high note on the 25th of March. The participating artists, despite their special needs, put up a series of highly enchanting performances and left the crowd reeling with disbelief! A fusion of arts, music and dance, it was indeed 3 days of endless amazement and treat for our senses.

We, here at Security & Risks Solutions (SRS) is proud to be the non-profit security partner for this meaningful event. With more than 150 performing artists across 18 countries within and beyond the Asia Pacific such as Brazil, Canada and Scotland, it is our utmost priority to protect their safety and allow the performances to proceed smoothly. Our security guards were present on all three days to carry out backstage security, giving the performers the privacy to rest and prepare. Even at the backstage and command centre however, we could hear and see the roaring cries from the excited audience.

Alongside performances, there were a series of other fun and extraordinary activities available for the public to engage in. To maintain orderliness, we delegated some manpower to carry out perimeter and barricade security services. Nonetheless, some of us brought our families to join in the fun during off-duty periods.

The first interesting activity we found, was the Paralympic Sports Try-outs where we tried to play basketball from a wheelchair. It may seem like an easy feat for the Paralympic athletes to toss the ball around, but do not judge a book by its cover. After just a few minutes, we had to throw in the towel and take a rest.

Following which, the Dialogue in the Dark activity was especially memorable. We had to perform everyday tasks in complete darkness and were greatly stupefied by the difficulties faced. What we commonly presumed to be intuitive such as eating and pouring a drink, suddenly became so taxing. The activity might have been short, but it reflected the challenges faced by the visually impaired.

Last but not least, we were heartened to see a continuous stream of people visiting the Visual Arts exhibition which unveiled photographs, painting and mixed media artwork created by 37 visual artists with disabilities. The proceeds from the sales of these pieces will serve as a source of income for the artists and support their endeavours.

The True Colours Festival has indeed achieved its aim of grooming and nurturing inclusiveness amongst all generations. It was a busy and bustling weekend for us at SRS yet we look forward to doing our community service and bolster another meaningful event just like this.