Ever heard of Executive Protection or watched the movie, The Hitman’s Bodyguard? In our contemporary society, popular cultures and media have portrayed Executive Protection Officers as burly-looking and over towering security officers reserved for the publicly famed or extremely wealthy individuals. In reality, this is a hackneyed perception. Given increasing security risks around the world, Executive Protection services should not be exclusive. On the contrary, executives should be better informed of the pertinence to have professionally-trained Executive Protection Officers accompanying them, especially when travelling.


Who are Executive Protection Officers

While common knowledge is that Executive Protection Officers protect their clients during physical attacks, that is only partially true. Executive Protection Officers do much more by limiting executives’ exposure to the public and ensuring that they arrive safely and punctually from point to point. In addition to planning emergency evacuation routes in the event of an unfortunate attack or medical emergency, the Executive Protection Officers are also medically-trained to provide immediate medical attention to executives. Their quick response in an emergency could be a lifesaver.


I am not an easy target

Contrary to popular beliefs, a growing number of executives have experienced unpleasant encounters when commuting alone from place to place. For that reason, engaging Executive Protection services could be helpful to protect the safety of executives in the face of both planned and unplanned attacks.


Even if the executives were to possess basic self-defence skills, they may not be a match to organised attacks which are usually executed with more than one attacker. Henceforth, it would be more prudent for executives to hire certified Executive Protection Officers and have their security needs well-taken care of, while they can spend more time on the important business matters.


I am travelling to a safe country

Never say never. Travelling to unfamiliar grounds can put anyone in a more vulnerable position. Many travel misfortunes have happened due to the lack of proper precautionary measures undertaken.


Engaging Executive Protection services, on the other hand, ensures that the executives are protected the minute they arrive in a new country. Rather than commuting on the mainstream transport methods, executives would be ushered into secured vehicles and transported safely to and fro the airport, their accommodation and desired destination.  This may also prove to be useful especially for executives who have a tight schedule to abide by.


I am worried about attracting unwanted attention

More often than not, executives who commute alone tend to attract the attention of harmful parties such as robbers and are often impuissant when dealing with organised assaults or thievery. With Executive Protection Officers, however, the rogues would be more likely to think twice before striking.


Unlike popular movie portrayals of them donning suits and sunglasses or bearing weapons in the open, Executive Protection Officers have undergone special training to disguise their roles. By virtue of that, they usually do not stand out and would not endanger the executives by attracting unnecessary attention.


Executive Protection Services are Expensive

The Executive Protection Services offered at SRS are tailored based on the location, duration and needs of the executives. As such, our security services are priced reasonably, and executives do not have to worry about overcharges. Executives may feel free to contact us for a quotation based on their itinerary.


Recognising the need for protection is the first step to safety

If you thought Executive Protection Officers were only for the rich and famous, you thought wrong. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Security threats are ever-present and executives who identify that they are at risk, should engage Executive Protection services from a reliable and professional security agent to mitigate their risks as soon as possible.


Albeit not compulsory, many companies have engaged the services of security agencies to ensure the responsibility of their employees when travelling abroad. Should any executive require assistance in educating their leadership team on the importance and benefits of executive protection, SRS would be more than willing to help.