When working with others, it is inevitable that we will face conflicts. With all conflicts come the need for conflict resolution. Perhaps it is more intuitive to be angered and fight, but the wiser choice would be to stay calm and make the situation better.


Fight or Flight – Neither. Do not shy away from the situation but choose your reactions wisely and do not lose your temper.


Taking sides – In the event that you are caught in a conflict indirectly, do not take sides. When you serve as a mediator, focus on the business objectives or the objective goals. Do not emphasise too much on imposing a solution but seek to understand the positions of both parties. Work together to come up with a sustainable, satisfactory and fair solution.


Do not get personal – Restrain your desire to teach him or her a lesson. Revenge is not the best solution and you do not ‘win’ by bringing harm to others. Moreover, revenge goes down a vicious cycle when your organisation when it spreads to your colleagues. When you feel misunderstood, the winning formula is to make the effort to engage in a healthy discussion and seek to understand before being understood.