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Security & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd

Security & Risk Solutions (SRS) has been providing high quality security services within and beyond Singapore since 2006.

In the past 12 years, SRS has grown from a local security agency into a complete security solutions provider beyond the shores of Singapore. Our client base consists of more than 50 individuals and corporations. Countries where we have a foothold, include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand.

With a team of highly trained security personnel, SRS has fulfilled the security needs of the Private, Governmental, Commercial & Industrial, Residential and Financial Technology sectors. We are also in full compliance with the Singapore Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD).

Our Mission

To be the leading security agency in the region delivering professional and integrated security solutions through a knowledge-driven team.

Our Vision

We aim to be the region’s market leader in the security industry and promises to deliver professional security solutions to our clients, with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

We will continue to embrace and sustain a continuous learning culture that adopts technological innovations. Through our commitment and dedication, we will continue to provide a safe working environment for our security employees and develop them into better leaders. 


Core Values

  • Client centric
  • Professional development
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Respect and diversity
  • Innovation and flexibility
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Our Founder

Amos Kng, Chief Executive Officer of SRS

Amos has served in the Singapore Police Force for 17 years. As the former Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP NS), he carried out duties at the OC Unit of Alpha KINS 7. Amos was trained in weapons handling and formulation of ground protection plans, which helped in the defence of multiple key installations.

Under his leadership, the OC Unit of Alpha KINS 7 was awarded the ‘Best Deployed Unit’ and ‘Best Operational Unit’ in 2006. In 2007, the unit was again awarded the ‘Best Deployed Unit’, thereby retaining the title consecutively for 2 years.

Apart from having experience in high-level executive protection, Amos is also a certified instructor who can train and teach martial arts of the Israeli Special Forces.  Some of those martial arts skills include hand-to-hand combat, controlling and restraining methods, defence against knife attacks and weapon disarming techniques (knife and handguns). Last but not least, he is proficient in Wing Chun and Taekwondo.

With these credentials, expertise and professionalism, Amos heads SRS in providing the highest quality security services for all clients.

Amos Kng
Chief Executive Officer

Jon Lium
Chief Operating Officer

Our Co-Founder

Jon Lium, Chief Operating Officer

Jon heads the Operations and Business Development aspects of the company. Furthermore, he oversees compliance in order to meet clients’ requirements with quality and reliability.

Jon Lium has served in the Singapore Police Force’s Elite Unit of Security Branch (now renamed as ‘The Security Command’) for 6 years. Jon had been the Personal Security Officer for the Minister of Home Affairs and other foreign dignitaries. In his 6 years of service, Jon has proven his skills to manage security events and capabilities in intelligence planning.

Jon is skilled in Taekwondo. As a certified instructor in martial arts, he occasionally teaches at the Kapap Academy.

As a service-oriented leader, Jon firmly believes that only well-trained security personnel can add value to the protective services that SRS offers to esteemed clients.

Paul Rachmadi CPP, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

As the Deputy Chief Executive, Paul oversees the security operations, risk management and secured logistics aspects of SRS in the Asia Pacific Region. He also strategised the business and operations within the Indo China region.

Paul’s career in the security industry started when he joined the Singapore Police Force in 1990. He proved his capabilities and was soon assigned to the Prime Minister Protective Detail. Thereafter, Paul joined the private sector and worked at various notable banks such as DBS, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

Prior to joining SRS, Paul worked for eight years in Diageo, one of the world’s largest producer of spirits and a key producer of beer. Having helmed the roles of Head of Global Governance & Assurance, as well as Head of Market Security for Asia Pacific, Paul played a notable role in starting and building the Corporate Security function for Diageo in Asia Pacific and has been a key stakeholder in the development of the Diageo Corporate Security policy and various global corporate security standards.

Paul Rachmadi CPP
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Darwin Thio
Managing Partner
SRS Advisory Pte Ltd
SRS Cybernetics Pte Ltd

Darwin Thio, Managing Partner

Darwin has over 20 years of working experience in the arena of legal, compliance, risk management, fraud investigation and processes review. He spent 9 years working for the Singapore Police Force doing strategic operations planning and investigation work before stepping foot into the private sector.

Over the years, Darwin has worked in US-listed IT MNCs, reputable FMCG retail, banking sector and top 10 accounting firm. Leveraging on his knowledge on legal, compliance and processes, he has investigated into many multi-millions fraud cases occurring both internally and externally. Through these investigations and processes review, he has developed a knack to identify key risks and integrate the necessary controls into easy to understand/manage workflows for the business.

Darwin was also an adjunct lecturer in a Singapore Polytechnic teaching law enforcers pursuing Advance Diploma in Police Studies. He specialises in topics such as Criminology, Victimology and Human Dynamics.

Yu Kok Chew (KC), Managing Partner of SRS

Kok Chew (KC) has more than 25 years of experience in both the security and construction industries. His career started off in the security sector when he extensively designed and implemented security and alarm systems for commercial and residential sectors.

He then diversified into the interior design and construction industry, which included Mechanical and Electrical, Design and Build projects. His many years of experience has enabled him to accumulate substantial knowledge and experience in these areas. Additionally, orchestrating multiple Design and Construction projects in the ASEAN region has enriched his skills in developing a turn-key solution for customers.

As CEO of YNY Design+Constructions Pte Ltd, a Singapore-registered company, KC’s professional experience in both industries equips him with the expertise to initiate, plan, budget, implement and oversee projects development locally and beyond Singapore. Tapping on KC’s domain knowledge and experience, SRS entered into a partnership with him in 2019 to form SRS Integrated Systems.

Yu Kok Chew (KC)
Managing Partner
SRS Integrated Systems Pte Ltd

Professional Team

Meet our dedicated team

Prospecting and negotiating business deals by analysing market strategies and requirements. Builds and maintains business relationship with SRS stakeholders.

Aaron Wee

Sales & Development Director
Manages logistics-related services and business relationship with clients. Analyses market trends and develops operations strategies for SRS.

Corey Kng

Business Development Manager
Manages the delivery of secured logistics such as military logistics and equipment from one key strategic point to another, within and across borders. Latheef also oversees the operations of commercial and government local logistics

Abdul Latheef

Defence & Specialised Logistic Manager
Manages and coordinates the daily operational needs of security services. Provides internal directions to security managers for their day-to-day operations, management of accounts and overseeing the overall needs of SRS’ clients.


Senior Operation Manager

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