Selecting a security provider is akin to choosing a partner and mustn’t be taken lightly. The security provider you select would have to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees, loved ones and valuable assets. If so, one would expect a good security provider to provide trustworthy and customised security services. How can we ascertain whether a provider has the ability to do so?


The first step below is the most important.


Step 1: Find out if the provider is willing to accommodate your needs

Your security needs should be the top priority of the security provider. Prioritising you involves listening to your circumstances and working with you to develop a tailor-made security plan. If a security provider is too quick to introduce a fixed plan, it could be a sign that they lack the resources to meet your requirements.

Other steps to selecting your best-fit security provider include:


Step 2: Find out if the provider is credible

Nobody wishes to reveal their private and confidential information to an unaccredited security provider. Accreditation with governmental bodies proves that the security provider has met or exceeded certain standards of quality.


Some examples of reputable accreditation are:

– Singapore Quality Star


– Brands for Good

– ‘Security Service Provider License’ by the Singapore Police Force.



Step 3: Determine if the provider specialises in security services

It would be prudent to select a security provider which is dedicated to a broad spectrum of security verticals. This ensures that the company has the full expertise and resources to protect you and your assets.


In addition to that, it might be worthwhile to find a security provider who provides niche security services such as secured logistics other than the usual manned guarding services. Niche services often extend beyond Singapore — this means that the provider is likely to have a more global presence.


Step 4: Choose a security provider with reputable clients

How true is that that the longer a security provider has been in business, the more trustworthy it is?


Many security agencies have been in business for a long time, but they may not be staying ahead of time. Looking at the clientele of a security provider could give you a better understanding of its capabilities and reliability.


Those with deeper experience in the industry would be more likely to work with bigger brands and events. It also less likely for these reputable security agencies to go into insolvency or legal prosecution which may jeopardise your security protection services.


Step 5: Enquire about the background and training of the security officers

Certain protection services may require security officers who are more experienced. For example, it would be wise to choose a security provider who can provide former police security operatives to escort your VIPs. They are likely to be more proficient, given their prior experience in protecting other high-net-worth individuals.


Last but not least, find out whether the security provider sends its security officers for regular training. In this fast-moving world, it is crucial that the security officers keep abreast of the latest technological advancements and methodologies used in the security industry. This will help them better deal with unforeseen threats and challenges.


Remember, an ideal security provider should be able to understand your security challenges and support you in your various crisis management. The selection process does take time but getting it right from the start will save you much hassle in the future.